Anterior Tibialis

Anterior Tibialis

Anterior Tibialis is a Non-Bone Tendon that is measured by folded diameter, total length, and tendon width. This tendon can be used with multiple fixation techniques, minimizing OR time and simplifying the surgical technique. Using allograft eliminates the need for an additional surgical site when compared to autografts.




Lo-Rad™ (Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation
No-Rad™ (Non-Irradiated, Aseptically Processed)
Coll-e-Strong™ (Electron Beam Sterilized)

Catalog information

Product IDDescriptionSterilization Method
AT2052Anterior TibialisLo-Rad
NAT2052Anterior TibialisNo-Rad
ATIB2001EAnterior TibialisColl-e-Strong