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Parametrics Medical offers a comprehensive portfolio of bone grafts, amniotic tissue, and acellular dermis designed to enhance surgical outcomes and improve patient quality of life in spine, extremities, foot & ankle, trauma, general surgery, and oral surgery procedures.

Acellular Dermis

Coll-e-Derm™ RT is a prehydrated human acellular dermal matrix that supports integration, cellular repopulation, and revascularization.


Advanced Bone

EnduriFuse is allograft bone containing viable bone-derived cells.

Amniotic Tissue

Restorigin Sx amniotic membranes are applied as a tissue barrier to help provide mechanical protection while supporting healing with endogenous growth factors.


Demineralized bone matrix is decalcified allograft bone with osteoinductive potential.

Machined Spacers

Machined interbody spacers provide a natural osteoconductive option for spine fusion.

Synthetic Bone

Engineered to optimize the resorption rate, synthetic bone void fillers are safe, biocompatible, and easy to use.

Void Filling Bone

OsteoSource™ allograft bone particulates have osteoconductive properties and act as a scaffold for the growth of natural bone.


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