Solutions for Chronic Wounds

We offer a complete biologic portfolio of solutions for the management of chronic wounds,
including, but not limited to, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and chronic vascular ulcers.

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Parametrics Medical has partnered with Extremity Care to help thousands of patients
with chronic wounds.

Amniotic Membrane

Restorigin™ amniotic membrane provides growth factors to aid in the management of chronic wounds.

Acellular Dermis

Coll-e-Derm™ is a ready-to-use hydrated acellular dermal matrix.

Collagen ECM

Resolve Matrix™ is an acellular wound dressing designed to support the body’s repair process during wound healing.

New Distributor Partner Program

Parametrics Medical partners with experienced Wound Care Distributors to provide the latest advancements in allograft tissue, biologic implants, and regenerative medicine to physicians throughout the United States.

Partnering with us is easy: 

  • Submit a 1-minute form
  • After the screening process, Joe Moore, Director of Sales, will contact you shortly
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Wound Care Product Catalog

Parametrics Medical’s wound care products are exclusively licensed and distributed by our strategic partner, Extremity Care.

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