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Thank you for your interest in Parametrics Medical. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer service and product satisfaction.
Our mission is to provide for all your allograft needs regardless of processing or preservation technique. We have accomplished the most robust allograft offering through several industry partnerships like the one with the Center for Tissue Innovation and Research. We are strategically aligned with the top processors in the country who process our allografts with a variety of techniques to include Electron Beam (Coll-e-Strong), Low Dose Gamma Irradiation (Lo-Rad), Aseptic Non-Irradiated (No-Rad) and Fresh/Cryopreserved for Osteochondral Transfers. Our tissue banking partners only accept tissue from 100% US donors, and all donors go through rigorous screening and testing. Our distribution center is based in Austin, TX. Our staff and your representative are available to support your case needs at a moment’s notice. We will ensure prompt delivery and pick-up for all your allograft needs. Thank you for considering Parametrics Medical.

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aatb Accredited

The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) is an accreditation program established to provide assurance that member tissue banks understand and comply with the AATB Standards for Tissue Banking. An accredited institution uses self-assessments and on-site inspections by a trained AATB inspector. On-site inspections include comprehensive reviews and critiques of training records, adverse experiences, errors and accidents and complaints, recalls, audit logs and reports (internal and external), board of directors minutes, medical advisory committee minutes, organizational charts, office floor plans, agreements with outside organizations (regarding retrievals, processing, distribution, sterilization of equipment and / or tissue and laboratory testing), any applicable business licenses, temperature storage records and a health and safety manual. AATB employees also do an inspection of the premises, interviews tissue bank staff members, compiles a compilation of documents to augment the inspection report, ensures there is preventative maintenance and calibration being completed on equipment, monitors the environment, and certifies that a medical director is contracted.