• Meniscus

    The biomechanical role of the meniscus is load distribution and stability in the knee joint. Parametrics Medical’s allograft meniscus with hemi plateau bone block is used in meniscal allograft transplant procedures and one of the few viable treatment options for the young meniscectomized knee. Our allograft meniscus are aseptically processed. No irradiation is used in processing or after packaging.

  • Costal Cartilage

    Costal cartilage is hyaline cartilage from the rib that may be used in numerous clinical applications, including but not limited to: wrist, nasal, and ear procedures.

  • Cryopreserved Distal Tibia with Cartilage

    Distal tibia allograft may be used to treat shoulder instability due to glenoid bone loss. The distal tibia’s lateral portion matches the patient’s glenoid because it has similar curvature, bone density, and cartilage.

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