Preshaped BTB

Preshaped BTB

Preshaped BTB is a preshaped patellar bone, tendon, and preshaped tibial bone that is measured by inner tendon length and bone block diameter. A preshaped bone block allows for simplified OR procedure and assurance of an exact size. Using allograft eliminates the need for an additional surgical site when compared to autograft.


  • Frozen


Lo-Rad™ (Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation
No-Rad™ (Non-Irradiated, Aseptically Processed)
Coll-e-Strong™ (Electron Beam Sterilized)

Catalog information

Product IDDescriptionSterilization Method
PRE2039Preshaped Hemi BTBLo-Rad
NPRE2039Preshaped Hemi BTBNo-Rad
PS10501EPreshaped Hemi BTBColl-e-Strong