037Frozen tissue is preserved and stored at a temperature -40 to -80 degrees C. This tissue can be stored in an allograft freezer long term. The uncontrolled rates at which this tissue is frozen does not allow for the preservation of viable cells.


Frozen allografts have little or no solution in the packaging. Packages can be plastic jars, or more typically, plastic packaging. There are always two layers of packaging. The first is an outer layer, handled by the OR circulator. The second is an inside packaging that is opened by scrubbed personnel because it is sterile.

Transition and Storage

Frozen allografts are shipped in dry ice, packaged in a styrofoam cooler. Grafts can be stored in allograft freezers once at the facility for a period of 6 months to 5 years, depending on storage temperature. These grafts should ONLY be stored in dry ice or an allograft freezer if surgery is not scheduled immediately upon graft arrival.


These grafts are reconstituted by submerging the graft into room temperature sterile lactated ringer or a similar solution without antibiotics.