Biologics for Spine

Cervical Spacers

Cervical Spacers are used for filling voids in the spine. These spacers can provide strength in spinal fusion surgeries....

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Placental fluid amnionis comprised of placental fluid and tissues that are a rich source of progenitor cells and the human ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM), a complex...

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Parametrics full line of synthetics offers HAP (hydroxyapatite), TCP (tricalcium phosphate) and other calcium-based products tailored to meet your needs for orthopedic surgery....

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ConCelltrate is indicated for use as a bone void filler for the treatment of surgically created or traumatic skeletal defects. It is 100% dehydrated DBM....

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Demineralized Bone Matrix is a 100% human derived bone filler that comes in powder form, or powder form with cancellous chips. DBM is considered osteoconductive...

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Matrix OI

Matrix OI is a compressible stem cell containment matrix that is derived from 100% human bone. Matrix OI is 100% lot to lot tested for...

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