Tissue Processing

Parametrics Medical’s AATB accredited tissue partners processes each donor individually to prevent cross-contamination.

  • All surfaces are sterile to further prevent cross-contamination
  • Additional means of reducing microoganisms involve soaking tissue in an antibiotic solution during processing.
  • Processing team is gowned and gloved
  • Surgical Methods are used during all processing
  • Excess Muscle and other extraneous tissue are dissected with great care
  • Whole pieces of donor grafts are processed to a predetermined form, according to the size and type of allograft needed
  • Osseous tissue is subjected to multiple detergent soaks and mechanical agitation to further decontaminate tissue and remove residual blood and lipids
  • Tissue is cleansed again, using copious amounts of purified water to remove any residual processing reagents, bloods or lipids

Once the tissue is cleansed and in the desired form, it is frozen, lyophilized (freeze-dried) or air-dried.