Struts are cortical and cancellous bone segments that are pre-cut and can be used to restore bone loss in the extermities


  • Frozen
  • Freeze-Dried


  • Irradiated

Catalog information

CD2010F Cortical Strut Frozen
FSG2018 Femur Segment
FS2029 Fibula Segment, Freeze Dried <= 5 cm
FS2029F Fibula Segment-Frozen <= 5 cm
FS2030 Figula Segment, Freeze Dried 6-10 cm
FS2030F Fibula Segment-Frozen 6-10 cm
FS2031 Fibula Segment. Freeze Droed 11+ cm
FS2031F Fibula Segment-Frozen 11+ cm
RS2063 Radius, Segment, Freeze Dried
RS2063F Radius, Segment, Frozen
TS2074 Tibia Segment
US2081 Ulna, Segment, Freeze Dried
US2081F Ulna, Segment, Frozen