Shafts are pre-cut portions of bone that can be used to restore bone loss in the extremities.


  • Frozen
  • Freeze Dried


  • Irradiated

Catalog information

FS2016 Femur Shaft, Freeze Dried  <11 cm
FS2016F Femur Shaft, Frozen <11cm
FSL2017 Femur Shaft, Freeze Dried >11cm
FSL2017F Femur Shaft., Frozen >11cm
FS2025 Femur Shaft, Split
FS2025F Femur Shaft, Split, Frozen
FS2026P Femur Shaft, Pediatric (L/R)
FS2044 Fibula Shaft
FS2045P Fibula Shaft, Pediatric (L/R)
TIB2001 Tibia, shaft split, Freeze Dried
TIB2001F Tibia, shaft split, Frozen
TD2071 Tibia, Shaft, Freeze Dried
TD2071F Tibia, Shaft. Frozen
TS2073P Tibia, Shaft, Pediatric