Cem-Ostetic is a natural pH bone putty that contains calcium based biocompatible salts that have been used for decades in orthopedic surgery. These materials are often used to provide and additional source of bone to help the patient heal faster. Cem-Ostetic is formulated to enhance bone regeneration, provide optimal osteconduction and reduce the time needed for the bone to regain its full health. This product comes in a putty, injection kit, granuels or a block.

Common Uses of Cem-Ostetic

  • Joint Reconstruction
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Hand and Foot Surgery
  • Fracture Repair


  • Osteoconductive
  • Neutral pH
  • BioCompatible
  • Quick to Prepare (5 minutes)
  • Proven Technology that has been used for Decades in Orthopedic Surgery
  • Provides an Additional Source of Bone to Progress Healing
  • Enhances Bone Regeneration
  • Provides Optimal Osteoconduction
  • Reduces Time Needed for Bone to Regain its Full Health
  • Sets up Quickly with Marginal Exothermic Reaction

Product Features

  • Contains Calcium-Based Biocompatible Calcium Salts
  • 100% Synthetic
  • 100% Resorbable
  • Terminally Sterile at 10-6 with Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation, Lowering Risk of Infection

Catalog information

CemO-01P Cem-Oste HA/TCP/Ca Sulfate Putty 1cc
CemO-02P Cem-Oste HA/TCP/Ca Sulfate Putty 2.5cc
CemO-05P Cem-Oste HA/TCP/Ca Sulfate Putty 5cc
CemO-10P Cem-Oste HA/TCP/Ca Sulfate Putty 10cc
CemO-20P Cem-Oste HA/TCP/Ca Sulfate Putty 20cc