Bi-Ostetic Foam

Bi-Ostetic Foam

Bi-Ostetic Foam is a sterile bone graft composed of highly purified fibrillary Type I bovine collagen and Bi-Ostetic resorbable 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% tricalcium phosphate granules. Bi-Ostetic Foam is safe and has excellent biocompatibility. After it is implanted, it resorbs and is later replaced by natural bone. Bi-Ostetic Foam is a safe choice for sparing patients the trauma of autograft harvesting.

Common Uses of Bi-Ostetic Foam

  • Treatment of Bone Fractures and Traumatic Osseous Defects in
    • Extremities of the skeletal system
    • Spine
    • Pelvis


  • Biocompatible
  • Resorbs and is Later Replaced by Natural Bone
  • Safe Choice for Sparing Patients from Autograft Harvesting

Product Features

  • Composed of Highly Purified Fibrillary Type I Bovine Collagen and Bi-Ostetic Hydroxyapatite and Tricalcium Phosphate Granules
  • Safe
  • Biocompatible
  • Easy to Use
  • Collagen and Synthetic Scaffold
  • Resorbable
  • Radiopaque
  • Terminally Sterile at 10-6 with Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation, Lowering Risk of Infection

Catalog information

BF1-12D45-05 HA/TCP Granuels-Collagen Cylinder 12’D x 45L, 5cc, 1/pack
BF1-15D57-10 HA/TCP Granuels-Collagen Cylinder 15’D x 57L, 10cc, 1/pack