Osteotomy Wedges

Cotton and Evans Wedges

E-Wedge and C-Wedge are preshaped wedges that provide consistant handling and reduce the need for shaping. A cortical wall covers two sides of the graft for additional structural support.


  • Pre-shaped Wedge Provides Consistent Handling and Reduces the Need for Additional Shaping
  • Each Donor Carefully Evaluated for Cancellous Matrix Density

Product Features

  • Terminally Sterile at 10-6 with Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation, Lowering Risk of Infection
  • Cortical Wall Covers Two Sides of the Graft for Additional Structural Support
  • Graft Packaged Freeze-dried for Convenient Room Temperature Storage

Catalog information

CW5 C-Wedge 5mm
CW6 C-Wedge 6mm
CW7 C-Wedge 7mm
CW8 C-Wedge 8mm
EW6 E-Wedge 6mm
EW8 E-Wedge 8mm
EW10 E-Wedge 10mm
EW12 E-Wedge 12mm