OsteoSource DBM

OsteoSource DBM

DBM2DBM3Demineralized Bone Matrix is a bone filler that comes in powder form, or powder form with cancellous chips. DBM is considered osteoconductive with the potential to be osteoinductive.


  • Freeze-Dried


  • Irradiated

Catalog information

DBMC1 DBM Crunch 1 cc
DBMC25 DBM Crunch 2.5 cc
DBMC5 DBM Crunch 5 cc
DBMC10 DBM Crunch 10 cc
DBMP05 DBM Putty .5cc
DBMP1 DBM Putty 1 cc
DBMP25 DBM Putty 2.5 cc
DBMP5 DBM Putty 5 cc
DBMP10 DBM Putty 10 cc