Foot and Ankle

Lower Extremity Biologics

Osteotomy Wedges

E-Wedge and C-Wedge are preshaped wedges that provide consistant handling and reduce the need for shaping. A cortical wall covers two sides of the graft...

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OsteoSource Cancellous Chips

Cancellous chips are osteoconductive. They come in a variety of chip sizes and different cc’s. These chips are made to fill defects in bone. These...

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Demineralized Bone Matrix is a bone filler that comes in powder form, or powder form with cancellous chips. DBM is considered osteoconductive with the potential...

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Parametrics full line of synthetics offers HAP (hydroxyapatite), TCP (tricalcium phosphate) and other calcium-based products tailored to meet your needs for orthopedic surgery....

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Tri-Cortical Blocks

Tri-Cortical Blocks (also known as Tri-Cortical wedges) are processed from the illium and are commonly used for various orthopedic procedures. Frozen Freeze-Dried Irradiated ITB2035 Illium,...

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