Welcome to Parametrics Medical

Parametrics Medical provides the latest advancements in tissue implants, biologics, and regenerative medicine to enhance surgical outcomes and improve patient quality of life while honoring the gift of donated human tissue.

Our Mission

Ensuring physicians have the best solutions for their patients.

Core Values





Compassionate Service

Customer Service

Parametrics Medical provides world-class customer service. Historically, we fill over 98% of orders placed, and we respond to requests in less than ten minutes.

Donor Screening

All donors are recovered in the United States and meet FDA, AATB, and applicable state requirements. Potential donors are screened for risk factors associated with infectious diseases and medical conditions that might rule out donation. Historically, fewer than seven percent of donors referred make it through the screening process and are accepted as eligible donors.

Parametrics Medical is the exclusive biologics provider for DePuy Mitek Sports Medicine