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Introducing Coll-e-Derm RT

May 10th, 2019






Parametrics Medical is proud to announce an offering of room-temperature dermal allografts, Coll-e-Derm RT. Coll-e-Derm RT is sterilized human acellular dermis (ACD) processed to maintain the integrity of the biologic and structural components of the extracellular matrix.

Coll-e-Derm RT features:

  • Intact extracellular matrix that promotes tissue remodeling
  • Superior safety profile
  • Uniform edge to edge thickness
  • Mechanical properties that closely approximate unprocessed human skin
  • Terminally sterile at Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6

The gentle processing used to create Coll-e-Derm RT leaves the biologic and structural components of the extracellular matrix intact. Overall collagen structure, elastin fiber architecture, and collagen fiber structures are not impacted, providing an allograft to support fibroblast infiltration, new vascularization, collagen deposition and tissue remodeling – all of the stages necessary for successful healing. In vivo studies have shown cellular migration and revascularization as early as one week.

For sizing and catalog information, visit our Coll-e-Derm RT Product Page.